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What is the healthiest way to straighten your hair?

What is the healthiest way to straighten your hair?

Straight hair is one of the great solutions to every problem with your hair. This will help you detangle your hair quickly, and it can also help you keep your hair healthy. The most common way to straighten your hair is to apply heat, but the heat will make your hair dry and damage your hair in every possible way. Heat appliances will increase the split ends in your hair, and they will also absorb all the moisture in the hair.

You can use several hair straightening treatments without damaging it, but this only works for certain hair textures, such as hair with a bit of wavy texture. If you have either hair texture, then you have to apply heat to straighten your hair.

Following are some healthiest ways to straighten your hair which will hold moisture in your hair and strengthen it.

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Blow-dry with cold air

Strengthening your hair with blow-dry is one of the common ways, but it is usually done with heat or warm air. This warm air will absorb all the moisture in your hair, leading your hair to a dry texture. When it comes to a healthy way, you can use a blow dry with the cold air. This will help to lock the moisture in your hair and give you straight hair.

Wrap your hair

This is one of the common ways to straighten your hair without any heat appliance. It is a straightforward method, but you have to follow the steps to get to the end. You will need some long-length bobby pins and a satin scarf. You have to separate the upper section and move it from top to bottom with the help of a comb. This method will work for every hair length.

Use products which are used for straightening the hair

In the market, you will find various products that are meant to strengthen the hair, such as leave-in conditioners, shampoos, serum, etc. Before buying these products, you have to check the ingredients used in the products. If the product is chemical-free, this is a great option to straighten your hair.

Sleep with wet hair

This is the easiest option that can help you straighten your hair. You have to sleep with the wet hair with the loose ribbon. After tying your hair with the ponytail then you can wrap your hair around the ponytail.

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