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Difference between a metal file and a glass file

nail file

Most of the girls show great interest in maintaining their nails and design them with the help of certain shades of nail colors. Not only are the colors, in these days the metal and glass files becoming so popular among this generation of girls. Even though people are thinking about buying them they don’t have big knowledge about using metal nail file vs glass this is not the right thing.

When you are interested in wearing them on your nail get to know the difference between metal and glass nail file so that you can able to choose the one which will be a better option for you.

Metal file

The metal nail files are as the name mentions they contained with a metal flake. These metal files are stronger and durable when compared to other types of nail files. When the metals get off of your nail that leaves your nail so soft but the disadvantage of using them on your hail is the dirt and debris get trapped inside your tiny metal teeth of the file.

Glass file

These glass files are there in two types, one is tiny glass fillings that can get adhere to a glass stick with the help of the super glue when it is combined with the heat. The second type of glass file will be adhering to the thick glass you should cut them and then make their surface roughen it will be treated with the crystals. The majority of people prefer this nail file because it never cut your nails as the metal nail file does. It also gets to adapt to those water, unlike the metal file.

With the help of this article, you can get to know about having metal nail file versus glass by this you can able to pick the one based on your preferences and likings.

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