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The disadvantage of using sodium sulfate for hair

hair care products

Whatever the cosmetics or hair care products you are using there will be some kinds of chemicals incorporated to get you a good result. In that case, you cannot ignore some of those important chemicals like lathering agents. The sulfate is also one of those lather agents which is predominantly used in the products like soaps, paste, shampoos, and cosmetic products. Here you may question if it is used in all kinds of skin and hair care products why they having a bad reputation, to answer this question this sulfate act too effectively in wiping away the oil so which may leave a little parched feel in your skin or scalp. Over sensitive skin, it may also cause irritation and redness. These are the reasons why avoiding sulfates for hair is a good thing, to get more idea about the topic read the content further.


Few of the disadvantages of sodium sulfate for hair;

When you buy the soap, shampoo, or paste probably will be looking for the foam where it comes to the sulfate. Generally, the sulfate acts as surfactants that attract both oil and water, so this property helps you in removing the dirt and grime from your skin or hair so easily. They are essentially a detergent so ignoring them is an almost impossible thing and in recent years they are used in the formulation of cosmetics with approval. But still, if you are looking for sulfate-free products there you will be containing some other lathering agent other than sulfate.

Through using the sodium sulfate contained products to hair most of them have witnessed severe hair loss and also they have observed that the hair loss cycle is extended. In most cases, scalp irritation and hair loss can be expected results.

Over the sensitive skin type, these sulfate contained products easily cause some allergic reactions. This becomes the biggest disadvantage of sulfate the reactions include scalp irritation and hair loss. Never use those sulfate contained hair products to children because they may get penetrated the eyes and there is a higher chance of absorption in the children than in adults, so keeping them out of sulfate products will be a good and safe thing.

Using the sulfate products over the skin and hair is safe but when you have sensitive skin taking suggestions from the experts will be the safer thing.

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