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What is hair lamination and how to do them at home?

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The growing technology bringing up something new to humans from cosmetics to medicines, one of those things in the cosmetic industry is hair lamination. Most probably you have heard about this technique even though you don’t have an idea about it you have been heard it from somewhere. This particular hair technique becoming increasingly popular among this generation of people, generally, paper lamination will be done to safeguard the paper from moisture and damage. The concept is the same in hair lamination also but the process slightly differs. You can get this hair lamination from the salon or at your home by preparing a homemade hair lamination mask.

What is hair lamination?

Hair lamination is one of the hair techniques which are in trend and they assist you in protecting your hair from getting damaged by the mechanical force or because of the pollution out there. In the hair lamination technique to laminate your hair a thin layer of keratin, gelatin or some other oils will be used and these things going to give you protection against the external barriers.

Steps for making home hair lamination;

Making hair lamination at home has become so common thing these days it is cheap then you are visiting the salon for having hair lamination. But to make it at home you should get to know the steps to help you here it is listed below;

Take a tablespoon of gelatin, keratin, or any of the essential oils in a bowl and mix them with the 5-6 tablespoons of hot water. Mix them both until the gelatin or keratin compound gets dissolves into the water.

Before starting the treatment wash your hair and towel dry them.

hair treatment

After the gelatin or keratin gets cool down it gets slightly hardened and now you have to mix any of the hair conditioners to it.

Apply those gelatin or keratin mixtures to each strand of hair and secure the entire hair with a shower cap and warm towel. Leave them for 45 minutes and then wash them. This is how you have to carry out your hair lamination method in your home.

The hair lamination treatment can offer you so many benefits like locking the moisture content, preventing hair loss, and being the remedy for frizzy hair. So when you are thinking about DIY hair lamination mask get to know everything about it and then try this hair lamination treatment at home.

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